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Our Thermals Keep you Warm

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Todays Gem

Two young ladies siiting at a bar. "Let's drink Proseco, it's ladylike, feminine and classy"...more

Old man's reunion

Well, dicko's past has at last caught up with him!!

It appears that 50 years ago he was part of a rescue mission tasked with snatching an Avro Avian bi plane from under the noses of the Ringway Airport fire brigade (Now Manchester Innernational Airport) in order to allow restoration to take place!

Just imagine strapping the wooden fuselage to the roof of an already old Ford van with parts of the wings hanging out through the back doors! Do that today and end up on TV in Road Wars!!

I only used to go plane spotting to be wivv me mates!!

The Avian is now on display in The Manchester Museum of Science and Technology and looks fantastic!

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