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Our Thermals Keep you Warm

"Look" says Reg, "Your Thermal Break Windows really work!"   Hi...more


Due to the high number of shower tray breakages we are no longer prepared to despatch...more

Todays Gem

Two young ladies siiting at a bar. "Let's drink Proseco, it's ladylike, feminine and classy"...more

Who has the best Ears????

 Our Angie and sister Teresa, no, her sister Teresa not Mother Teresa, did the Sunflower run in aid of Beaumond House Community Hospsice in Newark recently. 

They finished the run in great style, finishing to applause and cheering, they felt a wonderful sense of achievement, how nice to be appreciated!!! Cheers were for little Annie, Angie's Toy Poodle, what a nerve, she did run part of the way but mostly got carried! Ah well, it's a dogs life. Pity it wasn't a competition for the best set of ears!

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