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Due to the high number of shower tray breakages we are no longer prepared to despatch...more

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Received from a customer!!.... Hi Angie,..... A Christmas tale.... All was quiet in the Willis household. The turkey had been eaten, the Queens speech watched and it was time to share Christmas presents. Outside, the snow lay deep and nothing could be heard except for the distant greetings of revellers wishing each other a Merry Noel. Back in the Willis household the family gathered around the log fire in the traditional present sharing ritual. First, the children received their presents. The house reverberated to the sound of excited squeals as each child opened their gifts. Finally it was time for the grown ups. Missus Dave gave her fella the keys to a Ferrari (no car, just the keys) and a lovely Swiss army knife. She knew that Mr Dave would have hours of fun trying to work out how to open the knife. It was time for Mr Dave to give his present to Mrs Dave. Mr Dave opened wide his empty arms and, with trembling lips, said 'Dear Mrs Dave (he isn't good with names), in the spirit of Christmas I ordered you not one but six gold rings. Unfortunately I think one of the reindeer got a puncture and they haven't arrived yet'. Mrs Dave looked at Mr Dave and in a quiet voice said 'That's OK Albert (she isn't good with names either), I know that you will have tried your hardest. I don't need a gift to know that you love me'. Mrs Dave turned away to attend to the traditional post traditional Christmas dinner tradition of washing the Christmas dishes. But, as she turned, Mr Dave noticed something that gave the lie to Mrs Daves brave words. Glinting in the light from the log fire there was a small tear slowly making its way from the left eye of Mrs Dave. The right eye is made of glass so there is no tear there. Mr Dave thought for a moment about how to cheer her up. Maybe I can sing her a song? maybe I will sing 'You're the one eye love'. No, the song won't help. I have ruined Christmas. Angie, are you a guardian angel, can you be the Christmas fairy? Can you be Santas little helper? Can you make Mrs Dave happy by letting her polish six gold rings instead of her glass eye? Can you make this a happy Christmas? Dave.... Thank you ladies, The liners arrived today (at work) and they are excellent. However, everyone at work now knows that I am a true miserly Yorkshireman and they all feel sorry for the missus. I don't know why, as soon as she has washed the boat (55ft long) I will fit them for her!!!! Merry Christmas Dave

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